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Jewelries meeting all expectations.
Between tradition and innovation

The road of each perfect ring to the right hand for it begins with an idea and a sketch on paper. It continues in front of a screen for a 3D sketch, then in the workshop, where tradition and innovation blend, so that the ring is finished in precious metal and diamonds.

We are a team of passionate people for whom the creation process means using the old handicraft techniques, but also the most recent processing methods. LAJUS jewelries represent luxury, quality and uniqueness, resulting in a true visual and tactile show, an artistic signature worthy of any client's wish, request and refinement.

What is the difference brought by LAJUS brand?

www.lajus.gold is available exclusively online and it is known for its engagement and wedding rings, architectural rings and luxury diamond rings.

Our economic model allows us to make diamonds accessible to everyone, because we have reduced considerably the costs regarding: rent, security, additional insurances, showroom sales personnel or precious stones agents. Our jewelers have experience and the young 3D artists complete this «know-how.»

Drawn in Paris, city known for its history and tradition in jewelry creation and manufacture, our rings represent tradition and the reflection of contemporary influence in the domain. Our diamonds are 100% natural, certified and come from non-conflict areas.

We use colorless diamonds (G/H minimum), without embeddings visible to the naked eye, internationally certified by the prestigious GIA American laboratory (you can check online the number of the certificate issued). LAJUS diamonds are procured directly from the sources, without agents, which makes them accessible as we have daily information about all available pieces from the international diamond exchange.

Lajus jewelries are your size!

LAJUS brand gives you the possibility to try the wanted ring as a matrix and make modifications to it, before the purchase, according to your vision.

This can be made with the help of a 3D printer which will make a copy of the ring with a setting of a fake stone.

As such, you will have the chance to see and try the ordered model, to modify it and to confirm its details, before becoming you favorite jewelry!

Together with our experts you will test the job of a jeweler and find out a part of what it means to be a jewelry designer. A chance to express your creativity and to give your ring a part of your personality and soul before starting to wear it!

The LAJUS story

LAJUS is an original luxury jewelry brand, the perfect expression of the contemporary design which takes shape and life by preserving classic, manual techniques of metal and precious stones processing and also by applying innovative solutions given by the 3D creation and printing process.

Lajus jewels are the result of PASSION. Passion was the spark that lit the fire which still burns today.

I am Mihaela CIOBĂBESCU and my PASSION for jewelries made me want to learn from the best the secrets of diamond evaluation and certification from the best.

And because out of PASSION beautiful things always come to life, in 2015, during a specialty seminar in Paris, I met HIM, Stėphane, a French antiquity and precious stones trader. A magical encounter between two souls, two cultures, two personalities.

And the golden moments of our love story became history when Lajus Romanesque Jewelry brand was created, our first jewelry store with exclusive online sale at www.lajus.gold.

The creativity of the design, doubled by the mastery of the gold artisans turns every engagement ring, wedding ring or architectural ring in true jewelries bearing the mark of luxury, elegance and pure beauty. Drawn in Paris, LAJUS jewelries are unique, our attention is focused on details and quality, but also on accessibility.

The gems of the depths, polished and made by the master jewelers of LAJUS will live a second life with you, they will amplify the flutter of your soul and become a part of you.

Enter the LAJUS universe, choose and wear the ring you feel!