How to choose a diamond

Uniqueness is the feature that describes each diamond! The nature created it in the depths of the Earth, being brought to light to be given the worth value! If you are looking for a diamond, surely you have asked yourself: “How is the value of a diamond calculated?” or “Which are the most important characteristics of a diamond?” To answer these questions, we created the “How to choose a diamond” guide:

The 4C system, created in 1939, represents the most efficient solution to compare and evaluate diamonds, as follows:

C-Color (The color)

White or colorless diamonds are classified according to a palette of shades from shining white to pale yellow. These subtle differences of diamond colors are detailed in a classification starting from D (colorless) to Z (pale yellow). D, E, F are colorless, G and H are rare, almost colorless white. In order for us to offer you an exceptional product, of a shining white color, we chose to use only natural diamonds, certified by the prestigious GIA American laboratory, which have at least color H.

The classical diamonds with colors: red, green, pink, blue, orange are classified first, according to how rare they are and then, according to the depth and intensity of the color.

C-Clarity (Purity of diamonds)

Diamonds are the result of a natural process of creation, developed at great depths under the earth. Because of this they contain various internal embeddings. The rarest and most expensive diamonds do not include embeddings. Based on clarity, diamonds are classified from FL (Flawless-Put) to I (Included – embeddings visible to the naked eye).

In order for us to offer you exceptional products, we chose to use only natural diamonds, certified by the prestigious GIA American laboratory, which do not present embeddings visible to the naked eye (at least SI).

C-Cut (Diamond cutting)

The shine of a diamond is accentuated by the precision of the cut made. A carefully cut diamond, with symmetric and aligned faces will reflect light by magically glittering and will diffuse an exceptional shine. The cut may be made and classified as follows: Ideal, Excellent, Very good, Good, Reasonable and Poor/Unacceptable.

In order for us to offer you an exceptional product, accurately cut and finished, we chose to use only diamonds cut and certified by the prestigious GIA American laboratory, which fulfill the following criteria: at least Very good and Excellent.

C-Carat (Carat weight)

The measure unit of diamonds is the carat (ct). The greater the carat, the greater the value and rarity of the diamond. For example, one diamond of 2 carats will worth more than two individual diamonds of 1ct. each. Diamonds having at least 0.5 ct. are considered to be quite rare. A carat can also be divided in 100 points.

The carat is also expressed through a correspondence measurable in millimeters (for example, 5.1 mm represent a diamond of 0.5 ct. and 6.4 mm represent a 1ct. diamond.

This system determines both the value and the rarity of a diamond.

All our diamonds are internationally certified by GIA or another similar laboratory. The number of the GIA certificate can be checked at and is engraved with a laser microscope on the diamond.

The certificate number of secondary diamonds is engraved inside the ring/wedding ring.

We are the only jewelry in Romania to completely certify all the diamonds, including those smaller than 0.30 ct.