Social responsibility

Taking on social responsibility depends on the decision and involvement of each of us.

Lajus Gold donates a part of the profit to support charitable organisations in Romania!

Lajus jewelries are socially responsible therefore each purchase of our customers will contribute with the sum of 10 lei to a noble cause, supported by our partners from various areas of activity:

  • Preservation of biodiversity of the Danube Delta, part of the territorial region where we have our head office (Archi Dream collection);
  • Understanding the importance of family, by supporting abandoned children (Divine collection);
  • The cure of children with autism (X-day collection);
  • Stimulating research and/or medical emergency services (Madame collection).

We contribute together for a better future!

The Danube Delta

Because the Danube Delta is one of the most valuable habitats of the continent due to its diversity and specific fauna, we believe it is a solid reason for involvement and support.

10 lei for each purchased product from Archi Dream collection will be directed to the Durable Delta Association, for promoting the biodiversity and the support of local communities of the Danube Delta!

Supporting autistic children

Autism is a severe disorder of neurobiological development which sometime appears at birth or between 18 months and 2 years. Recent statistics show that the number of children diagnosed with this illness has increased significantly in the last years, this is why we have chosen to support this cause for those who are actively involved in helping these children and their families.

10 lei for each purchased product from X-Day collection will be directed to Being Myself Therapy Center in Piatra NeamÈ›, as support for autistic children!

Support of families and abandoned children

An abandoned child is a child in distress and most likely a future adult in difficulty. Saint Mina Parish in Constanța is building an institution for these children with whom fate has been less generous and to whom it gives a new FAMILY.

10 lei for each purchased product from Divine collection will be directed to Saint Arsenie Institution for abandoned children in Techirghiol, as a support for the mothers in difficulty and abandoned children!