Confidentiality policies

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We inform you this way that for the remote sale of products with payment by bank card/ bank transfer and/or western union fund transfer in our bank account, the collection of personal data is mandatory. These pieces of information are essential for processing and delivering the orders, preparing invoices and warranty contracts. In case such information is missing our company cannot confirm the order.

Our activity is carried out according to the personal data protection rules, under the (EU) European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 from April 27th 2016 (May 25th 2018 is the date when the GPR entered into force). Personal data collected on our website are used to process orders and manage the commercial relation (deliveries, invoices, post-sale services). Our company undertakes not to communicate to a third party, free of charge or for a fee, the contact data of our customers. We can use your data in publicity purposes, after obtaining your formal consent or within the limits of the law. Also, we can use you data to fulfill our legal obligations and/or for regulation, as the case may be. Other recipients of you personal data are, as the case may be, our suppliers regarding credit payment security, our suppliers insuring delivery. If the law requires as such, your consent is asked or you have the possibility to deny before any date is transmitted.

The data are therefore processed directly by S.C. Romanesque Jewelry SRL company, hereinafter referred to as the Company with the following identification data:

S.C. Romanesque Jewelry SRL, with office in Tulcea, 10 Tunsului str., registered with the Trade Register under number J36/274/2019, Tax code 4094104, represented by Mrs. Mihaela CIOBANESCU as manager.

The company undertakes to follow the provisions of Law 677/2001 concerning people protection with reference to processing personal data kept during collection. Personal data collected will not be revealed to third parties except for the cases when the company must follow the obligations imposed by the law in force or for reasons of legitimate interest.

With regard to your data, you have the following rights:

  • the right to information;
  • the right to access to the data;
  • the right to change the data;
  • the right to oppose;
  • the right to restriction according to the above;
  • the right to address the justice and the competent authority.

1. The right to information/the right to access to the data (once a year free of charge) You have the right to receive from the Company, on request and free of charge for one request a year, the confirmation of the fact that the data concerning you are or are not processed by the Company; therefore we undertake to communicate to you, together with the confirmation, at least the following:

  • information regarding the purposes of the processing, the categories of data considered and the recipients or the categories of recipients to whom the data are revealed;
  • communication in a coherent form of the data which are object of the processing, as well as of any information available regarding the source of the data;
  • information regarding the existence of the right to modify the data and of the right to oppose, as well as the conditions when they can be exercised;
  • information regarding the possibility to consult the inventory register of personal data processing, to file a complaint to the supervision authority, as well as to address the court to sue the decisions of the operator/company.
  • You can ask for the information above in a written request, dated and signed at the address In the request you will mention if you want the information to be communicated to you at a certain address, which can also be an email address or by a mailing service which will make sure the receipt will be made only in person.
  • We undertake to communicate to you the required information in 15 days from the receipt date, following your possible option expressed according to the above.

2. The right to change the data (free of charge). You have the right to get from the Company, at request and free of charge:

  • as the case may be, the correction, update, block or deletion of data whose processing does not follow the law, especially of the incomplete or inaccurate data;
  • as the case may be, turning into anonymous data the data whose processing does not follow the law;
  • notification of the third parties to whom data of any operation made according to the first two paragraphs above have been revealed, if this notification does not prove impossible or does not imply an effort disproportionate to the legitimate interest which could be harmed.

3. The right to oppose (free of charge): you have the right to oppose, in any moment, free of charge and without justification, for the personal data to be processed in the name of the Company or of a third party or to be revealed to a third party. In order to exercise the rights mentioned above, you have to submit a written request, dated and signed. In the request, the petitioner can mention if he wants the information to be communicated at a specific address, which can also be an email address, or by a mailing service which will make sure the receipt will be made only in person. In this case, we will communicate to you the measures taken and, if the case may be, the name of the third party to whom your personal data have been revealed in 15 days from the receipt of the request, following your possible option to have the information communicated in written form at a certain physical or email (electronic) address.

4. The right to file a complaint to ANSPDCP (The National Authority of Supervision of Personal Data Processing) – you can always apprise ANSPDCP, signaling the breach of the rights related to personal data processing and you can claim the breach of rights guaranteed by the applicable law. In advance, you have the obligation to address to us at the address

5. The right to address to justice

  • Without prejudice to the possibility of filing a complaint to the supervision authority, you have the possibility to address justice for defending any right guaranteed by the applicable legislation and which has been breached.
  • Any person who suffered prejudice following an illegal personal data processing has the possibility to address to the competent authority to make it good.
  • The competent authority is the one in whose area the petitioner resides. The application for summons is free of the stamp duty charge.